Picking The House Plant That Suits Your Space

How To Pick A Plant That Suits Your Space M. Fahmi • June 26 House plant management is a topic that can send out ripples of apprehension. There are those who cheerfully tend to their gardens but who absolutely refuse to share their home with a house plant. Too much trouble, they say, what with […]

The How-To Guide On Plant Propagation

The how-to guide on plant propagation Cheryl Steins • October 31 Plant propagation can be a wonderfully rewarding activity. You can take great pleasure in knowing you had a hand in a beautiful plant from start to finish. Plant propagation can be done either sexually or asexually. But in order to efficiently help a plant […]

Successfully Caring For Your Houseplants

How to successfully care For Your London Botanical House Plants Elle Meager • July 8 Purchasing your plants from an online nursery, or via mail order is a very convenient way of gardening. You can conveniently shop for plants from your own home, and plants are delivered right to your doorstep. Mail order plants are […]